Extreme Colors, Solid

Size: 18” X 44” – $12,000.00

Age: 220 million years
Year of excavation: 2010
Ranch: Jim Gray
Shape: Board

Specie: Pine / Araucarioxylon

Description: Side Table – Coffee Table – Wall Mount – Hallway Bench

– This extinct pine specimen is a visual delight as it boasts a rainbow of colors not often seen so vividly in one specimen. Incredibly, with the clear biological layers, this petrified wood board honors the earth’s deep history and unique biology.

– The sheer vibrancy and array of colors within this longboard are show-stopping. One of our most colorful specimens, the board will undoubtedly impress the most discerning of petrified wood collectors.

The breath-taking colors and patterns make this board appear like an artist’s masterpiece. The strong burgundy reds typically found in an Arizonian petrified wood specimen frame the center river of color that streams across the board. The colors and patterns that run the length of this board are a joy to explore; vivid waves of golden hues, stormy greys, cremes, and soft opal whites whisk across the specimen.

Over millions of years, this extinct tree avoided decaying and was instead – through pure luck – was preserved by nature. Minerals now replace the biological structure of this woody trunk, creating a solid specimen. With a clear definition of the outer and inner layers, there is plenty of patterns to explore.

Discovered in 2010, this petrified Arizonian pine was excavated from Jim Gray Ranch in Arizona. Imagine the excitement when this 220-million-years-old pine was first sliced to reveal the vast range of colors that had been locked away over the years.

Exuding warmth and excitement, petrified wood has a story – it was formed in the prehistoric age and is completely one of a kind due to the unique combination of natural minerals that created it.

At a modest size of 18” X 44”, it is best wall mounted to showcase its exceptional features. Alternatively, the Arizonian board could be converted to a side table to add excitement to a luxurious room.  Whatever the method of display, it will bring joy as you explore the hidden history locked in this once giant pine.

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