Rare, Exceptionally Colorful And Very Solid

Size: 30” X 60” – B” & Size: 31” X 60” – B”

Sizes vary from: 34 X 60 / 34 X 62 – $22,000.00

Age: 220 million years
Location of excavation: Arizona
Year of excavation: 2019
Ranch: Fitzgerald
Shape: Board

Specie: Pine / Araucarioxylon

High quality, solid, very presentable.

Table – Wall mount display – Countertop – Coffee table.

These incomparable specimens are of the finest color, clarity and detail available. Both specimens are exceptionally colorful and very solid, making them a wondrous specimen for presentation. Complete with multiple clear hearts, one simply cannot help themselves but fall in love with these unique specimens. Truly one of the nicest AZ pieces you will ever see. And, it will give you constant enjoyment.

The specimens are striking, the river of colors that run across each petrified wood board is a visual delight. With so many colors to admire, you will appreciate the classic Arizonian reds, deep caramel browns, stormy blacks and greys which are contrasted against the smoky whites and brilliant long strokes of yellows. As if this petrified wood specimen was painted by an abstract artist, it is a canvas that will provide hours of interest as you trace the patterns to its biological beginnings of note are the multi hearts that are clearly visible within the boards, each of them with swirling colors that enhance its bewitching beauty.

Indulge yourself into the wonder of this perfectly fossilized specimen, imagine touching the lines and geological patterns of the once living giant pine tree. A connection to a moment in time that existed millions of years ago, these specimens offer a unique insight into the biological workings of a now extinct tree.

A true gift from nature, these petrified wood specimens have a full spectrum of color! Robust and beautiful, their presence within a room is just magnificent. With spectacular clarity and plenty of detail to explore, the specimens offer endless opportunities to discover the hidden history within this ancient treasure.

The two petrified boards have been sourced from a 220 million-year-old fossilized tree found in Fitzgerald’s Ranch in 2019. The ranch is located in Arizona, an area known for producing the highest quality of petrified wood specimens in the world.

These specimens are available in two sizes – an impressive 30” X 60” – B or 31” X 60” – B” sizes vary from
34 X 60 / 34 X 62. The very presentable, high-quality boards give plenty of opportunities to showcase long petrified wood specimens in your home or office. Opportunities include a statement art wall mount, countertop, coffee table or table.

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