Petrified Wood Section From Arizona

Size: 13” X 17” – 14” Tall – $10,000.00 each

Age: 220 million years
Location of excavation: Arizona
Year of excavation: 1998
Ranch: Fitzgerald
Shape: Log Section

Warm reds, really nice knot, felt pad on base.

Size: 16” X 16” – 14” Tall – $10,000.000 each

Age: 220 million years
Year of excavation: 2005
Ranch: Fitzgerald
Shape: Log Section

Vibrant Arizona colors, very dramatic knots, felt pad on base.

Complete with signature Arizonian reds and well defined bark, these petrified wooden sections logs are a three-dimensional delight offering a unique bridge to a prehistoric era from your leaving room. Great conversation piece.

The one-of-a-kind logs are a feast for the eyes as the three-dimensional specimens can be explored from every angle. Each of the logs is cocooned in its thick protective bark, some displaying small and large knots which only adds more interest to the specimen. Imagine running your hands across the rugged bark, touching all of the uneven crevasses knowing that this giant, extinct tree flourished in the dawn of time.

The logs have been expertly cut and polished to showcase classic vibrant Arizona reds and rich clarity. Boasting a satisfying pallet of warm iron hues, the logs also contain an array of colors from mineralized deposits that will delight any geological enthusiast. In addition to the canvas of colors, the unique biological patterns of each petrified log will undoubtedly create curiosity about these ancient trees that lived millions of years ago.

These petrified sections logs are a magnificent homage to a prehistoric era. Destined to become a focal point in your home or office, the statement furniture piece will evoke wonder and interest with every visitor

The logs have been expertly excavated from Fitzgerald Ranch in Arizona. These areas are known for their paleontological value, particularly as they are located close to the world-famous, Petrified Forest National Park. Best suited as a statement art piece or furniture item, each log has a thick felt pad on its base.

Currently, there are four logs available ranging in the following sizes:

23” X 29” – 23” tall (Excavated from Fitzgerald Ranch, 1998)

14” X 17” – 24” tall (Excavated from Fitzgerald Ranch, Arizona 2005)

16” X 16” – 14” tall (Excavated from Fitzgerald Ranch, Arizona 2005)

13” X 17” – 14” tall (Excavated from Fitzgerald Ranch, 1998)

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