Soft, Relaxing Colors – Very Solid And Unusually Long

Size: 33” X 126” – $60,000.00

Also Available Size: 35” X 123”

Age: 220 million years
Year of excavation: 2002
Ranch: McDonald
Shape: Board

Specie: Pine / Araucarioxylon

Description: Furniture – Table – Wall Mount

– This beautiful Arizonian petrified wood specimen is an elegant display of history and biology. With soft, hypnotic tones, the petrified wood board will add sophistication and class to any room.

– This one-of-a-kind, petrified wood specimen is exceptionally long and displays an unusual color pallet that is just waiting to be explored. A powerful and solid fossilized specimen, it exists today as a window into an era 220 million years ago.

Excavated in 2002, the ancient pine specimen (Araucarioxylon species) was excavated from MacDonald Ranch, Arizona. The fossilized pine trunk has been expertly cut and polished to highlight its colors, and rich biological and geological detail.

A large and accommodating size, the specimen is 33” X 126” and would be stunning in a luxury interior space; either as a statement furniture item, or wall mounted as a calming focal point. It oozes elegance and will no doubt transform the room wherever it may be.

Soft, relaxing colors spill across the center of the board. A flowing river of cremes, cloudy opals, and toffee browns is only interrupted by soft Arizonian reds. The colors arise from silicon, magnesium oxide, and iron oxide which have replaced the extinct tree’s biological matter. Notice how the intensity of colors increases on the horizontal edges of the specimen, from deep mahoganies to Shiraz reds, and even strokes of carbon black.

With a distinct center, and clear biological layers, there is plenty of hidden stories fossilized in this stunning piece.

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