Rare Arizona Petrified Pine Wood Table – Large, Rare Amethyst Pocket

Size: 27″ X 57″ – $12,000.00

Age: 220 million years
Location of excavation: Arizona
Year of excavation: 1998
Ranch: Milky Ranch – Central Arizona
Shape: Board

Specie: Pine / Araucarioxylon

Description: Exceptionally rare Arizona petrified wood

– One-of-a-kind furniture formed in the prehistoric period
– Large, rare amethyst pocket
– Striking blend of red, white and black colors, quartz pockets
– Exudes both luxury and organic character
– Perfect as a coffee table, side table, console table or wall mount

Arizona petrified wood

This petrified wood was excavated from Arizona, home to the finest quality petrified wood in the world.

One-of-a-kind-petrified wood

Due to the unique combination of earth materials and minerals that formed it in the prehistoric period this petrified wood is entirely one of a kind and cannot be replicated.

Petrified wood furniture

The size and shape of this petrified wood specimen makes it perfect as a coffee table, side table, console table or wall mount. It has a smooth, flawless surface created by our expert six step polishing technique.

Striking colors

The striking red, white and black colors on this petrified wood indicate the presence of iron and graphite.

Custom base

If you wish to use this petrified wood specimen as a table, we can create a custom base using a material of your choice such as steel or wood. If you wish to use it as a wall display we can advise on specialist lighting. Contact us directly to discuss.

Statement piece

This stunning petrified wood provokes pride and admiration. It is a statement of true appreciation of geology. Hundreds of millions of years old, it is more than furniture – it’s a piece of prehistoric history.

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