Dramatic Arizonian Board With Wondrous Colors

Size: 33” X 55” – $18,000.00

Age: 220 million years
Location of excavation: Arizona
Year of excavation: 2010
Ranch: Milky Ranch
Shape: Board

Specie: Pine / Araucarioxylon

Wall mount display  Table  Furniture

With wondrous color, this dramatic Arizonian board is an epic display of color and biological detail. A fine specimen, the board is an exemplary example of the unique mineralization and fossilization process of ancient trees. Rich in geological detail, you’ll be proud to display this specimen as a homage to your respect for nature and history.

This Arizonian board is a feast for the eyes, a spectacular display of color and biological detail that is awe-inspiring. A sophisticated masterpiece that effortless displays the beauty in biology, geology and history.

This board is full of colors as well as macro and micro detail for you to discover. Wondrous colors of vibrant reds, warm hazels, smoky creams and misty blue sweep across this solid board. Of note is the remarkable display of graphite black that dramatically sweeps across the center of the fossilized pine, adding character and a unique aesthetic to this rare specimen. In addition to the colors, the board has clear, distinct biological detail for one to explore the hidden geological secrets within this now extinct pine.  

First discovered in 2010, this 220-million-year-old Arizonian petrified wood specimen was excavated from Milky Ranch in Central Arizona. This area is well-known for producing some of the world’s highest quality petrified wood specimens.

At a grand size of 33” X 55”, this specimen could be showcased in a number of ways to be appreciated. Best suited to be a large table in your home or office, the long-petrified wood board could also be wall mounted so all can admire this exemplary specimen.

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