Rare Petrified Sequoia – Fossil Tabletop

Size: 25″ X 47″ – $10,500.00

Age: 38 million years
Location of excavation: Oregon
Year of excavation: 1996
Ranch: McDonald
Shape: Round

Specie: Sequoia From Oregon

Description: One-of-a-kind, clear and high clarity Sequoia sourced from the Oregon region.

– Approximately 38 million years old, the fossil is fracture free with clear, fine annual rings. You will not find another piece like this.

– The statement piece is a very versatile 25” X 47”- suitable for wall-mounting or to be arranged into a coffee table.

This clear and high clarity fossilized Sequoia is a biological delight. A one-of-a-kind Sequoia specimen, it boasts an aesthetically pleasing array of both patterns and colors.

Discovered and excavated from McDonald Ranch in central Oregon in 1996, this ancient Sequoia is a joyful fossil, full of wonderful hidden gems. With a fracture-free surface and clear fine annual rings, there is plenty to explore – a pleasure for geology and biology enthusiasts!

Pleasant golden tones burst across the round specimen like fireworks. It is full of coffee browns and cremes, creating a neutral palette for an easy addition to any home or office space.

At 25” X 47”, this round petrified wood specimen would make an excellent wall mount display to intrigue your guests. Alternatively, as a medium sized specimen, it could also be converted into an exceptional coffee table to be admired by all.

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