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 Want to see Russell-Zuhl’s specimens in person? Visit us at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

The Tucson Show

We have been participating at The Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show for 32 years and will continue to do so each year. A lifetime of fascination awaits; visit us at The Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show:

Friday January 26th through Sunday February 11th 2024

HardRock Summit

This year, we will also be exhibiting at the HardRock Summit in Denver. Please see below information for further details:

Thursday September 16th to Sunday September 19th 2021

Every year Russell-Zuhl participates in the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show – a show dedicated to presenting extraordinary mineral exhibits to the public.

It is here at this show that we exhibit some of our most treasured specimens of petrified wood for public display. As the shows offers a combination of museum and shopping experiences, attendance provides you with a unique opportunity to closely inspect these geological wonders, considered to be some of the world’s finest petrified wood specimens. Where else could you view ancient trees that lived over 220 million years ago, brilliantly preserved by hard quartz?

Our petrified wood expert, Ralph, will be attending, giving you the chance to speak face-to-face with the most experienced excavator, cutter and polisher of petrified wood in the world.


The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is held at multiple locations across Tucson, Arizona and showcases the world’s finest gems and minerals.  It is the biggest collection of high quality minerals, fossils, jewelry and lapidary craft producers gathered in the one place. It is a not-to-be-missed event for those who share a fascination with the earth’s most precious gifts, whether you are a professional or amateur collector, nature lover, interior designer, or museum curator.


Visit us at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show for the chance to:
– Examine and admire the incredible colors and intricate details created by nature
– Talk to Ralph about his expert excavating, cutting and polishing process
– Learn the incredible process of how petrified wood is formed over millions of years
– Learn how a petrified wood specimen could complement the colors and decor in your home
– Discover the perfect piece that could become a prized focal point of your home
– Discuss with Ralph about creating a custom piece for your home or office, and;
– Meet fellow like-minded geology enthusiasts

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