Rare, Large Board

Size: 56” X 85” – $50,000.00

Also Available Size: 57” X 85”

Age: 220 million years
Year of excavation: 2019
Ranch: Jim Gray
Shape: Board

Specie: Pine / Araucarioxylon

Description: Table – Dining Table – Wall Mount Display

– This rare fossilized wooden board is exceptionally colorful and very solid, making it a wondrous specimen for presentation. With intense complexity, the petrified wood specimen seems to be more like an artist’s masterpiece, rather than a fossilized tree.  

– This awe-inspiring board will be a magnificent feature in any room. With endless details to explore, this ancient treasure is truly a gift from the Triassic era.

The 220-million-years-old fossilized tree was discovered at Jim Gray’s Ranch in 2019. A spectacular find, the petrified trunk of the extinct Araucarioxylon species was expertly cut and polished to maximize the color and clarity.  

The fossilized pine board is a visual delight. With endless colors to admire, you will be transfixed by the classic Arizonian reds, deep caramel browns, carbon blacks and smokey greys which swirl alongside crème whites and strokes of golden yellows. The ‘canvas of color’ will provide hours of appreciation as you trace the minerals that have replaced the biological beginnings.

The delightfully colorful specimen is an impressive 56” X 85”. The very presentable, high-quality board gives rise to plenty of opportunities to showcase this specimen in either a museum, home or office. Its large size gives the opportunity to create an unforgettable table – imagine sitting at the table touching the lines and geological patterns of the once-living giant pine tree. Be in awe as you indulge yourself in the wonder of this fossilized specimen and connect to an era that existed millions of years ago.

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