Rainbow Colors, Exceptional Size And Quality

Size: 33” X 103” – $50,000.00

Age: 220 million years
Year of excavation: 2001
Ranch: Paulsell
Shape: Board

Specie: Pine / Araucarioxylon

Description: Side Table – Table – Wall Mount

– This large pine specimen showcases a rainbow of colors not often seen so richly in one specimen. A feast for the eyes, it contains interesting biological layers which showcase and honor earth’s deep history.

– The sheer vibrancy and array of colors within this petrified wood board is remarkable. One of our most colorful specimens, the high quality, robust long board will impress all, including the most discerning of petrified wood collectors.

The petrified Arizonian pine was excavated in 2001 from Paulsell Ranch in Central Arizona. Imagine the excitement when this 220-million-years-old (now extinct) pine was expertly cut to reveal the rainbow of colors that runs the full length of this board.

At a grand size of 33” X 103”, this Arizonian board could be converted into a stunning and luxury side table, or wall mounted to provide an exquisite statement in a home or office. Whatever the method of display, it will bring joy as you explore the hidden history locked in this oncegiant pine.

The full array of colors is what makes this board a collector’s delight. The vivid waves of the rich, burgundy reds flow the length of the board, alongside cloudy opal blues, burnt coffee browns and dark creams. In addition to the glorious colors, the board displays plenty of biological patterns to explore, with some of these patterns revealing the tree’s biological matter. An exceptional specimen, this petrified Araucarioxylon pine is a magnificent display of geology and homage to the ancient flora that existed millions of years ago.

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