Ancient Round Petrified Pine Wood With Delightful Colors And Patterns

Size: 36″ X 48″ – $14,000.00

Age: 220 million years
Location of excavation: Arizona
Year of excavation: 1998
Ranch: Milky Ranch – Central Arizona
Shape: Round

Specie: Pine / Araucarioxylon

Description: Exceptional and hypnotizingly beautiful pine fossil sourced from the Arizonian region.

– Approximately 220 million years old, the fossil is full of unusual dramatic colors and qualities not often seen in other petrified wood specimens.
– Robust and round, the ancient fossil is 36” X 48” – perfectly comfortable as a wall-mounting or to be arranged as a small table.

This stunning ancient and extinct pine specimen will hypnotize you with its beauty. A unique piece of quality petrified wood, it is equally impressive in terms of both history and physical attributes.

This round pine specimen was excavated from Milky Ranch in central Arizona in 1988 before being expertly polished, enhancing its dense colors and patterns.

This soothing Arizonan specimen has a very clear heart that is surprising, rich and delightful. Like a clear summer night sky, the milky white and midnight blue colors seem to glide along the cellular rings, whilst being beautifully framed by an outer ring of traditional Arizonian red.

What is remarkable about this petrified wood specimen is the outer edge, which contains gravel remnants of the riverbed that it settled into 220 million years ago. Its ancient past is embedded into it for you to explore.

At a pleasant size of 36” X 48”, there are multiple possibilities for this spellbinding specimen. Robust and suitable as a table display, the fossilized pine can also be admired as a wall mount; simply add some lighting to showcase its unique patterns and colors preserved in this keepsake.

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