Vibrant Arizona reds colors and rich clarity

Size: 30″ X 38″ – $11,000.00

Age: 220 million years
Year of excavation: 2018
Ranch: Milky
Shape: Round

Specie: Pine / Araucarioxylon

Description: Coffee-table – Wall mount display – Home Décor – Furniture – Decorator piece – Side table – Hallway table

–  A classic Arizonan round petrified wooden board it contains some of the richest detail available. A solid size with great colors, it is a delightful offering from nature providing a unique bridge to a prehistoric era.

This round petrified wooden is a homage to a prehistoric era we can only imagine. Destined to become a focal point in your home or office, the statement furniture piece will create wonder and intrigue with every viewer.

Unearthed in 2018 in Milky Ranch in Arizona, the fossilized pine was an unexpected find. The ancient tree was expertly cut and polished to reveal the inner workings of this now-extinct tree. Hidden in nature for over 220 million years, this slice of history can now be yours forever.

The round petrified wooden board boasts the classic vibrant Arizona reds and rich clarity. A pleasing spectrum of warm iron tones; it’s the uncommon golden shades that lend this natural artwork its distinctiveness. These mineralized deposits will please any geological enthusiast or those with an appreciation for exquisite detail. You can spend hours exploring unique biological patterns that run throughout the petrified wood. Imagine running your hand across an organism that lived so closely to the era of the dinosaurs.

A well-sized specimen, the round fossil measures 30 inches by 38 inches. While the specimen could quite easily be added to a museum wall or your own grand hallway wall, it could also be displayed as a large coffee table, side table or console table.

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