Unique Large Round Arizona Petrified Wood Table – Striking Display Specimen

Size: 56″ X 78″ – $40,000.00

Age: 220 million years
Location of excavation: Arizona
Year of excavation: 2006
Ranch: Fitzgerald Ranch – Central Arizona
Shape: Round

Specie: Pine / Araucarioxylon

Description: Large and unusual shape gives this piece lots of character. Multiple rainbow colors, intermixing patterns and a very pretty heart.

– A stunning Arizonian petrified wood specimen, estimated to be 220 million years old
– Contains a glorious display of rainbow colors, a palette that would be the envy of any artists
– At an impressive 56” X 78”, this large organic shaped petrified wood specimen would make a spectacular a table or a wall-mount. It gives lasting warmth and character.

A large and unusually shaped specimen, this round petrified wood is full of character! It will delight and spark intrigue from viewers.

Discovered and excavated on Fitzgerald Ranch, Central Arizona in 2006, this large specimen was a stunning find. Estimated to be a remarkable 220 million years old, this fossilized pine tree is nature’s beauty at its best.

A rare and exceptional specimen, this petrified wood specimen is a glorious display of rainbow colors, a palette that would be the envy of any artists.

Arizonian reds, coffee cremes, rich hazels, midnight blacks and bright whites seamlessly blend between intermixing patterns. With a pretty heart, this grand fossil will delight observers with its history, colors and biological patterns

At an impressive 56” X 78”, this large organic-shaped petrified wood sample would be best showcased as a table. Its presence will enhance any room, providing it with warmth, character, and of course a unique conversational point.

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