Rare to find a large log like this! Great heart

Size: 44″ X 65″ – $20,000.00

Age: 220 million years
Year of excavation: 2010
Ranch: Paulsell
Shape: Round

Specie: Pine / Araucarioxylon

Description: Wall mount display – Home Décor – Furniture – Decorator piece – Table – Hallway table

–  A rare beauty, this large petrified wooden board features a very clear and distinct heart alongside an assortment of warm rustic reds, typical of an Arizonian specimen. 

This organically shaped, round petrified wooden board is a true homage to the Jurassic era. Destined to be the centerpiece in your home or office, this statement furniture piece will captivate and pique the curiosity of every observer.

Unearthed in 2010 in Milky Ranch in Arizona, the fossilized pine was an unexpected find. The ancient tree was expertly cut and polished to reveal the inner workings of this now-extinct tree. Hidden in nature for over 220 million years, this slice of history can now be yours forever.

Rich and rustic, the board showcases a wide assortment of warm, red hues ranging from deep mahoganies, Shiraz reds, and red-hazel browns. The overall appearance is incomparable as it is full of character. Of note is an eye-catching channel of graphite black that floats across the specimen like a storm cloud. With clean, crisp clarity of detail, you can easily observe the center heart where the biological markings radiate. Imagine running your hands across the rugged bark edges, touching all of the crevasses knowing that this giant, extinct tree flourished in the dawn of time.

This classic Arizonian petrified wood specimen is best suited as a statement art piece or converted into a decorative furniture item. While it would be equally at home as a side table or console table, the fossilized pine would also be a remarkable wall-mounted statement in a conference room or lobby.

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