Extremely Rare & Large Sequoia Specimen from Oregon

Size: 40″X 96″ – $35,000.00

Age: 38 million years
Location of excavation: Oregon
Year of excavation: 2011
Ranch: McDonald Ranch – Oregon
Shape: Board

Description: Rare and unique, this Sequoia board is simply breathtaking!!

– A feast for the eyes, its size and clear presentation makes it a marvelous specimen for the most discerning of collectors. Clearly shows knots, annual rings, knots etc…

This is a “board” cut from an ancient Sequoia tree, excavated from Priday Ranch, Madras in Central Oregon in 2014, this petrified wood is an exceptional find. Close inspection shows growth rings and dozens of knots. Estimated to be 38 million years old, the glorious, ancient tree has been naturally preserved and expertly polished for you to admire.

On close inspection you can easily view the annual rings that seem to dance seamlessly between dozens of knots. With warm and inviting tones, the colors within this Oregon board are elegant and calming. A perfect blend of soft creams, chocolate browns and touches of rustic oranges produce a soothing palette that would be the envy of any artist. This is nature’s beauty at its best.

At an impressive 40″ X 96″, this large board is deserving of a space that honors and respects its presence. Completely at home within a museum, this grand fossil will delight observers with its history, colors and biological patterns. Likewise, the gorgeous specimen would be a superbly novel home décor statement piece. Consider displaying it in a natural setting, like a garden or a courtyard, returning it to nature where it first begun its life millions of years ago. Hard surface, robust, solid and well polished.

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