Round Arizona Piece – A Visual delight – Brilliant, Colorful, Very Solid

Size: 30” X 60” – 5 – $22,000.00

Age: 220 million years
Location of excavation: Arizona
Year of excavation: 2009
Ranch: Fitzgerald
Shape: Round

Specie: Pine / Araucarioxylon

Description: Solid and beautiful, this colorful round board is a very high-quality petrified wood specimen.

Expertly cut and polished, the round specimen has the finest color and clarity making its presence in any room just magnificent. The very solid specimen is one of our favorites.

Table – Coffee table – Wall mount display

This shapely, high-quality specimen is a visual delight! The petrified wood specimen hosts a full rainbow of colors that you could admire for hours. An extraordinary find, this gorgeous round specimen will bring a lifetime of joy to your home or office – wherever it may be displayed.

The petrified wood specimen was sourced from a 220 million-year-old fossilized tree found in Fitzgerald’s Ranch in 2019. The ranch is located in Arizona, an area known for producing the highest quality of petrified wood specimens in the world.

A true gift from nature, this organically shaped petrified wood round has a full spectrum of color! Of course, there are the classic Arizonian reds, mahogany, rustic tones and deep caramel browns. In addition, there are Tuscan yellows, golden ambers, graphite blacks and stormy greys that give rise to this rare composition of colors. With spectacular clarity and plenty of detail, you can indulge yourself by exploring the hidden history within this ancient treasure.

The very presentable specimen is 30” X 60” – 5, best showcased in your home or office as a statement art wall mount, coffee table or table. The specimen will be a constant reminder of your connection to a moment in time that existed millions of years ago.

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