Kaleidoscope of Nice Arizona Colors

Size: 25″ X 35″ – $11,000.00

Age: 220 million years
Year of excavation: 2005
Ranch: Milky
Shape: Round

Specie: Pine / Araucarioxylon

Description: Coffee-table – Wall mount display – Side table – Home Décor – Furniture – Hallway table – Decorator piece

–  A kaleidoscope of colors, this beautiful round board has the finest color and clarity making its presence in any room just incredible. A high-quality specimen, the Arizonian board is an ancient treasure and a collector’s dream.

This shapely, round board specimen is a visual delight. The petrified wood specimen hosts a full rainbow of colors that you and future generations will enjoy for years. An extraordinary find, this gorgeous round specimen will bring a lifetime of joy to anyone who has the pleasure to gaze upon this gift from nature.

The petrified wood specimen was sourced from a 220-million-year-old fossilized tree discovered in Milky Ranch in 2005. The ranch is located in Arizona, a state well known by experienced collectors for producing the highest quality of petrified wood specimens in the world.

A physical link to an ancient era, this organically shaped petrified wood has a full spectrum of color! Milky whites and stormy greys create drama and depth on this natural canvas. The richness of these dreamy tones is only punctuated by the classic Arizonian reds and rustic hues, revealing its lineage to the United States. This rare composition of these moody colors is only enhanced by the clarity and detail, so you can indulge yourself for hours exploring the hidden details fossilized for eternity in this petrified wooden board.

The very presentable specimen is 25 inches by 35 inches and would be best displayed in your home or office as a statement art wall mount, coffee table or hallway table. The statement interior design piece will be a constant reminder of your connection to the natural world that existed millions of years ago.

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