Striking, Fancy Designs, Solid Throughout – Quality Specimen

Size: 17” X 42” – $11,000.00

Age: 220 million years
Year of excavation: 2001
Ranch: Paulsell
Shape: Board

Specie: Pine / Araucarioxylon

Description: Striking, Fancy Designs, Solid Throughout – Quality Specimen

– This striking, solid petrified wood board is a high-quality specimen. It’s unique color tone and fancy design makes it a luxurious home décor piece that you would be proud to display as a Centrepiece in your home. This is honestly one of the nicest, purist board we have ever had, it will surprise you!

The solid, petrified wood log was discovered in Paulsell’s Ranch in 2001 – a ranch that was previously privately owned before being incorporated into the Arizonian Petrified Forest National Park in 2011.The ranch contained some of the world’s highest quality specimens, often referred to as ‘rainbow-colored petrified wood’ due to their rich and remarkable colors, like this very specimen. Approximately 220-million-years have passed since this giant pine tree lived, and it is now available for you to touch and visually explore.

The colors within this fossilized tree are what makes it so astonishing. A bright specimen with silky blues and crisp white tones that seem to intertwine effortlessly across the canvas. Punctuated by rich grays the petrified wood specimen is perfectly framed with an obvious outer (bark) edge.

This bright and gorgeous petrified log specimen boasts an unusual display of colors, tones and markings unlike other specimens. Exceptional and truly unforgettable, this petrified wood log was an exquisite find. The fossilized wood specimen is of an extinct Araucarioxylon pine tree; a giant tree that flourished in a prehistoric era.

The one-of-a-kind specimen is 17 inches by 42 inches and would be ideally suited in a home as a luxurious home décor specimen, whether it be hung on the wall to appreciate as artwork, or converted into natural furniture, whether it be a small side table or sitting bench.

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