Rare Native Jasper – Quite Unique

Size: 40″ X 58″ – $14,000.00

Age: 38 million years
Location of excavation: Oregon
Year of excavation: 2005
Ranch: Mc Donald Ranch – Central Oregon
Shape: Round

Specie: Jasper

Description: Very large and rare specimen of Jasper excavated from Oregon in 2005
– Approximately 38 million years old, unusual in appearance with banded color formations.
– The ornamental Jasper specimen is 40” wide and 58” in length.

A rare find, this native Jasper specimen is a wonderous creation that is deserving of ornamentation. This very large piece was excavated from Mc Donald Ranch, Central Oregon in 2005. It was an exciting and unexpected discovery as the Jasper is estimated to be 38 million years old, linking it to the Eocene period. A discovery of this age and size is remarkable and a true gift from nature.

The Jasper specimen has an unusual appearance as it is marked with banded color formations. These powerful colors range from deep charcoal and midnight hues through to burnt embers and coffee creams.

These distinct, alternating layers beautifully showcase the geological patterns that the iron oxides and iron-poor chart minerals create. These bands are not only beautiful, but a historic record of the oxygenation of the Earth’s oceans, making this piece a preserved tribute to a prehistoric era.

The native Jasper is 40” X 58” and has been expertly crafted and polished to be best suited for ornamentation. Whilst uses for this gorgeous specimen vary, it could be positioned within a grand entrance or gallery as an exceptional statement piece. With endless features to explore, the satisfying presence of this native Jasper can be admired from all angles.  

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