Extremely Solid And Fine Colors

Size: 30” X 62” – $14,000.00

Age: 220 million years
Year of excavation: 2015
Ranch: Dobell
Shape: Board

Pine / Araucarioxylon

Description: Home Decor – Diner Table – Furniture

– An elegant and sophisticated specimen, this long and extremely solid petrified wood board is a rare beauty. The fine and unusual colors run the full length of the board, creating a show-stopping display of patterns in this one-of-a-kind specimen.

– Like an open book, this fossilized tree has endless stories to be discovered and explored. The petrified wood specimen will be equally at home in a luxurious setting as a feature furniture piece or displayed in a museum as a collector’s item.

This unique petrified wooden specimen was discovered in 2015 in Dobell Ranch in Arizona. The Araucarioxylon pine lived approximately 220 million years ago during the Triassic era. Through exceptional circumstances, the pine avoided decay and was naturally preserved over millions of years. The end result is this rare, petrified wood board that is now as solid as a rock.

Perfectly sized at 30” X 62”, the petrified wood board gives rise to many uses. The petrified board could be used functionally as a conversation-starting furniture item or admired as an elegant home décor specimen.

The colors and patterns in this board are like a fingerprint – none exactly like this exists anywhere else in the world. The colors that stream across the board are also unlike the classic Arizonian petrified wood specimens. The primary colors consist of soft and elegant creamy tones, making this a truly exceptional piece. The board is perfectly framed with a touch of the true Arizonian reds to give homage to its heritage. The fine detail within this board needs to be seen to be understood. Follow the lines in this board with your fingers and trace the patterns that represent the inner workings in this once giant tree

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