Best you will ever see for this size – Extreme vivid colors

Size: 22” X 53” – $24,000.00

Age: 220 million years
Year of excavation: 2018
Ranch: Dobell
Shape: Board

Specie: Pine / Araucarioxylon

Description: Countertop – Wall mount display – Table – Side Table – Home Décor – Furniture – Hallway table – Decorator piece

This exceptionally large Arizonian board showcases a breathtaking spectrum of colors, evoking the vividness of an artist’s palette. Its remarkable size and the exceptional quality of this 220-million-year-old fossilized pine is the best you will see for this size, making it an unequivocal gem for collectors!

The round petrified wood board has been expertly cut and polished from an extinct pine tree known as Araucarioxylon, originally excavated from Dobell Ranch in 2018. This discovery of fossilized tree with this level of vibrancy was truly thrilling and an exciting discovery.

This generously proportioned long wooden petrified board is unparalleled as it features an explosion of color! The fossilized wooden board electrifies with timeless Arizonian reds, flashes of grays, ethereal whites, and the fiery brilliance of sunset oranges. But what sets hearts racing is the exhilarating explosion of radiant yellow tones that sweep across the entire board, igniting a vibrant spectacle!Featuring distinct inner and outer biological markings, the addition of the robust knots add enhances the board’s intricate detailing and serves as a tribute to the tree’s ancient life as a living, breathing organism during the era of dinosaurs.

With an impressive diameter measuring 22 inches by 53 inches, this long sturdy board is poised to make a statement in any space. A true standout in any collection, finding a fitting home in a prestigious museum or the abode of a dedicated collector. You’ll undoubtedly want to showcase this piece to all your guests, and its potential uses are numerous: it can function as a countertop, a wall-mounted display, a table, hallway decor, or a striking decorative centerpiece. Do not miss this exceptional opportunity to possess a piece of natural history of this caliber.

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