Asian Specimen – Striking Contrasting Color – Good Decorator Piece

Size: 30” X 82” – $12,000.00

Age: Around 20 million years
Year of excavation: 2001
Ranch: Asian
Shape: Board

Specie: Asian wood

Description: Asian Specimen – Striking Contrasting Color – Good Decorator Piece

– A wondrous petrified wood specimen from Asia, this piece is deserving of ornamentation. Its striking and contrasting colors make it a fine interior design piece for the most discerning of tastes.

Bold and exciting, the Asian petrified wood slab has an intriguing appearance as it is marked with large color formations. These bold colors range from darkest black, warm hazels, amber and soft coffee creams. These very distinct, alternating layers and colors beautifully showcase the diversity of the board’s geology. The black formations are created by carbon, the hazels and ambers by iron oxides and manganese, and the crèmes are created by silicon dioxide minerals.

This large Asian petrified wood specimen was excavated in 2001 from West Java. This prehistoric Asian tree species has been preserved through the fossilization process (per mineralization) due to drastic volcanic activity and flooding that occurred approximately 20 million years ago. Asian petrified wood specimens are strong and durable.

A visually exciting specimen, it should be positioned so that it can be visually appreciated. At an excellent size of 30 inches by 82 inches, the uses for this gorgeous specimen vary. The petrified board could be wall-mounted within a grand entrance or gallery as an exceptional statement piece or converted into a one-of-a-king table for an exquisite home or office.

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