The Five By Ten – None Larger – None More Beautiful

The Five by Ten

This giant petrified wood board is a rare beauty. It is impressive in size, color, and clarity – quite simply, there is none larger, or more beautiful than this piece.

The perfectly fossilized specimen was a remarkable discovery on Dobell Ranch, Arizona in 2018. The region has an excellent reputation for producing the world’s highest-quality petrified wood. The specimen is that of an extinct conifer (pine tree) – an Araucarioxylon species, known for its massive tree trunks. A rare combination of time, nature, and the elements have given rise to this marvelous specimen. Over the last 220 million years, the prehistoric tree was cocooned by mud and water, resulting in the organic matter being replaced by minerals.

The fossilized wooden board has been expertly cut and polished to radiate its high definition. With furious striking colors, this giant board has a strong visual presence that is truly awe-inspiring. Boasting classic Arizonian reds on the outer striations, the biological patterns of the fossilized tree are enhanced by the river of colors that stretch the length of the board. A delight for the eyes, the petrified wood showcases golden hues, toffee browns, milky pinks, soft greys and sweeping opal tones.

Aside from its robust and durable qualities, this exceptionally large, fossilized board gives rise to various uses. At a size of 60 inches by 120 inches, it may be mounted to a wall, or it could also be enjoyed as a large, petrified wood table. The possibilities for its use are endless, as are the preserved secrets waiting to be discovered.

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Size: 60″ X 120″
Age: 220 million years
Location of excavation: Central Arizona
Year of excavation: 2018
Ranch: Dobell
Shape: Board
Price: P.O.R

This museum-level quality specimen is quite possibly the most extraordinary,

The petrified wood board available to the public.

Exceptionally large and colorful, the 220-million-year-old fossilized pine is glorious in every way.

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