The Grand Sequoia A Unique Petrified Wood Specimen


Fascinating, quality specimen with dramatic center heart, clear growth rings – 660 years and golden tones throughout. Of particular interest is the clear signs of ancient damage. About year 235 of the trees growth lightning or other physical damage cause a section of the growth rings to dramatically distort, even so much that the rings folded back and ended. It took the tree 121 years to recover and completely cover the wound. The rings then show that the tree grew for another 327 years at which time the entire living tree, then 683 years old, was completely covered with volcanic dust which caused the petrification. It lay entombed for 38,000,000 years until I excavated it in 2013 from the Priday Ranch.

Wonderful polish, impressive size, top quality, this very solid 72″ x 84″ specimen bursts with organic detail. The natural and warm tones make it an easy addition to any interior, and will impress any guests due to its sheer beauty.

Suitable for a table or wall display. Its impressive presentation makes it a focal point for any room.

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Size: 72″ X 84″
Age: 38 million years
Location of excavation: Oregon
Year of excavation: 2013
Ranch: Madras Ranch – Oregon
Shape: Round
Price: P.O.R

Unusual specimen, presumably damaged by lightning during its living existence

Excavated from Central Oregon in 2006, estimated to be 38 million years

Best suited as a wall mount, the natural warm tones will make it an easy addition to any interior

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