Rhonda, Stunning Petrified Wood Board: A Statement of Nature’s Wonder & Beauty


A marvellous name for a petrified wood specimen recently excavated on the Dobell Ranch, Arizona in 2018, ’Rhonda’ had been lying dormant, waiting to be discovered and unearthed. It’s hard to describe the adventure of finding and processing this giant. It is certainly the longest board cut ever produced! It took 60 hours to cut and 50 hours to polish this solid beauty.

She is estimated to be 220 million years old, and during her life she stood in a strand of Araucarioxylon trees (extinct species of conifers) in Northeastern Arizona. Volcanic eruptions occurred and Rhonda was completely buried in volcanic ash. Over millions of years, the slow decaying process resulted in the organic matter replaced by minerals, eventually crystallising Rhonda into hard quartz.

An extraordinary gift from nature, Rhonda is a window into history; completely preserved and now available for you to appreciate in the modern era. Rhonda is a true statement of nature’s wonder and beauty. Rhonda is teeming with vibrant colors and tones. These giant trees once bore fruit high in their branches. Being a favorite food for dinosaurs, the fruit of these trees were probably responsible for the evolution of the long-necked dinosaurs.

Being the most impressive piece of petrified wood in the world, Rhonda needs to be showcased so she can be appreciated for what she is: a masterpiece of geology and history. Mesmerizing knots, flowing colors and of course over-the-top size.

Nothing like it anywhere, totally unique, stunning presence, She has no equal. Visit the “story of Rhonda” for the fascinating true story of this beautiful giant.

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Size: 62″ X 163″
Age: 220 million years
Location of excavation: Arizona
Year of excavation: 2019
Ranch: Dobell Ranch – Arizona
Shape: Board
Price: P.O.R

Sourced from the Arizonian region, this petrified wood board is 220 million years old

One of the most impressive pieces of petrified wood in the world, this long board is of a Araucarioxylon tree

A large size of 62” X 163”, ‘Rhonda’ contains mesmerizing knots and patterns in a palette of rustic reds and coffee creams

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